The Law of Attraction



TheLaw of Attraction

TheLaw of Attraction

ThePrime Time Productions made the movie “The Secret” in 2006. Thefilm comprised of a collection of interviews that producers designedto prove that everything people need or want can be achievablethrough believing in the out outcome by maintaining the positivestate of emotion, and thinking about it repeatedly to “attract”the outcome they desire. According to the film, the principle of the“law of attraction” asserts that thoughts and emotions canattract experiences, feelings, events, from cosmos` workings toindividual interactions in their professional, physicals, andemotional undertakings. Similarly, the film indicates that those inpowerful positions have been hiding the principle from the public(The Secret 2007)

Iagree with the film, it is a well-acted master class and it is worthwatching because it gives the viewer something worth contemplatingabout. However, the director of the film needs to add one or twoelements into the final video draft so that it can emerge with highquality. The best master class is apparent by the exceptionalperformance of the girl who acts as a schoolgirl who tries to fit anew school. The terrific performance of the girl ensures that thevideo is believable as the only way the movie could work.

Ithink since the launch in March 2006, the book by Rhonda Bryne andmovie, both under the same name, have taken the entire world bystorm. However, there are various misconceptions concerning the lawof attraction. The most significant misconception of the law ofattraction is that people think that only positive thinking affectstheir possibility of actualizing what they want in life.Nevertheless, the essence of the law of attraction is on thevibrations, and although peoples’ thoughts affect the vibrations,there is more to it (Bruce 2007). It resembles the functioning of atuning fork, in the sense that after striking one fork, it makesothers of the same frequency in the vicinity to vibrate. Similarly,human beings have magnetic frequencies, which attract everything theyvibrate.


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