The Lion & the Mouse


TheLion &amp the Mouse


  1. Before the lion was trapped in the net, what do you think was his attitude about the mouse?

  2. Why did the attitude of the lion about the mouse change after the trap

  3. In the story, could you think that the mouse was in any position of convincing the lion to let it go. Why do you think the lion was convinced to let the mouse go?

  4. Please pick the statement that reflects the main idea of the story

  1. It is easy to trap and catch a lion

  2. The mouse was not wise to free the lion

  3. The lion wanted to walk with the mouse

  4. A little creature like the mouse can sometimes be of big help

  1. What did the lion do after being helped by the mouse?

  2. What did the lion decide to let the mouse go yet he had the option to eat him.

  3. Why was the lion yelling at the mouse?

  1. In order to scare the mouse

  2. To get the help of the mouse

  3. To show his hunger

  4. He did not like the mouse.

  1. Select the sentence that correctly states what the mouse did for the lion

  1. She called other animals for help

  2. She yelled to the hunter and threatened him to run away

  3. She bravely cut the net with her teeth and the lion out of it

  4. She sang songs and gave him food

  1. According to Pinkney (2010), what happened to the lion after the first meeting with the mouse? How did the lion get to the trouble into the trap?

  2. Why do you think it was only the mouse that came in to rescue the lion from the trap?


Pinkney,J. (2010). TheLion &amp The Mouse.London: Walker Books, Limited