The Sky


Whilestepping out of the door, he opensthe eyes and tries to figure out what it that is above his head. ablue space that is the way above, to a height, he cannot jump to.Without comprehension of what it is, it appears like one of theunanswered mysteries of what was disturbing him in the hospital.Looking again, the sky appears a blue mass with a vast coverage, asequal as the earth below. Different from the hospital roof, the skyis a non-ending mass that covers the whole earth and not the placespace above you.

Thesky appears as a large mass far away from the earth that it seems tobe another earth, like there are other people living on that end.With that in mind, he thinks that the sky represents heaven, thereligious dwelling place that human beings are promised. Since it isup and it is far away, then it must be the heaven that he missed byleaving the hospital healthy and alive. Looking up, the sky is bluewith white patches called the clouds, some dark other white. This isthe world we live in, and up there is the sky that we all wonder whatmore is there apart from what we see.


Rightafter being fired, his palm is the end of the hand and the massholding the fingers. Appearing with the color of his skin, he seesthe palms as the main organ that was responsible for the work he wasdoing. The palm was used to interacting with the computers at work,but now will be the guest of home surfaces and sending new letters.However, today the touch of his palm feels smooth and makes himwonder what it is with the palm. His palm is as it was in themorning, just as it feels and holds the bus chair. The palm is astrong part of the body that forms the main basis of the hands andgives them the essence of their functionality.

Thepalm looks like an extended brain that feels the environment. This istrue since the palm is not only part of the hand, but also the partof the sensory system that makes the organ the palm manipulative.With the palms strategically placed between the end of the hands andthe start of the fingers, their manipulative power is more thanimaginable. This makes the functionality endless because the thingsthe palm can do are not limited to current uses.