The Talent Competition Day


TheTalent Competition Day

TheTalent Competition Day

America’sGot Talent (AGT) season 9 premiered on May 27, 2014. It markedEric’s debut into an international dancer and entertainer. Everychild in America with talent competes for the top price thereby,making the contest extremely challenging. Eric integrated dancing,comedy, and singing that impressed the judges during the finalaudition. He received an invitation to attend the producers’audition due to his unique dance moves, flexibility, and attractivesmooth voice. He passed the preliminaries and proceeded to thejudges’ audition. The judges eliminated him during the finalstage. Eric dedicated the last three years to perfect the excellententertainment skills he showcased at the auditions day. The onemillion dollar reward attracted millions of competitors, but only onecontestant could win the money (Oakes &amp Galagan, 2011).

Eric’smother was optimistic of her victory. The judges described Eric as apotential candidate for success. He anxiously looked forward to theauditions day. His energy, skills, determination, and family supportoffered Eric the motivation he required to ace the contest. Hispersonal trainer described his dancing, comedy, and singing styles astight and full of energy. Previous winners attributed the success totight choreograph (Oakes &amp Galagan, 2011).

Thelost victory made Eric even more determined to win the price nexttime. His mother purchased a laptop so that he can watch previouswinners and create unique moves.Eric aims to incorporate newwinning tactics such as wearing a costume. A judge remembers aprospective applicant if he or she has outstanding tactics (Oakes &ampGalagan, 2011).

Ericcomposed a new song for the upcoming contest next year. His newlyattained fan base has increased his confidence to achieve excellentresults as fans do influence a judge’s final decision. Eric’sfans advised him to include storytelling and acting in the upcomingcontest.


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