The ultimate disrupter


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  • The key principle of the article, Jeff Bezos: the ultimate disrupter is the element of focusing on the customer first before focusing on the profits (Lashinsky, 2012).

  • The choice of picking the aspect of customer focus as the key principle in the article is based on the fact that the principle seems to be the basis for the entire article. The sales that have propagated the company to its present status are as a result of customers and therefore focusing on their needs and demands is paramount.

  • Jeff focuses on the needs of the customers and even goes ahead to read and respond to their emails when they complain over any product or service.

  • The success that Amazon has registered since its inception has been as a result of the cheap and convenient products and services that the company offers to its clients.

  • The main focuses for the company and its management led by Jeff has been to improve the customer’s experience.

  • As a result of this, the company has introduced numerous products and services over the years with the most recent being the e-book product kindle (Lashinsky, 2012).

  • According to Bezos, the company starts with the interests of the customers before going backwards and strategizing on how to become competitive (Lashinsky, 2012).

  • This has been the major pillar for the company and a major incentive for its success.

  • The CEO of the company, Jeff Bezos, states that all the products and services that the company has invented are done o behalf of the customers.

  • In other words, it is evident from the article that for the company to register optimum sales the customers must be satisfied and their grievances addressed.

  • Jeff Bezos’s decisions in the company are largely based on customer satisfaction. The new products and services invented are as a result of the demands and tastes of clients.

  • It is clear that sales are directly related to the customers and therefore the principle of customer focus in imperative in any business setting.


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