The Weight of the Nation


TheWeight of the Nation

TheWeight of the Nation

Thevideo is the second part of a health documentary by HBO on overweightpeople. This video focuses on the choices made by people thatreflects on their obesity status. The video further provides casesthat illustrate the significance of these choices by including clipsof obese people that are struggling with their overweight status. Thevideo shows how life choices affect the life of an individual foreverand provides important tips on how to stay health and avert theobesity problem.

Accordingto HBO (2012), stress leads to obesity by sparking physiologicalprocesses in the body that causes the body to generate fats. Forexample, due to the threat presented by the stressor, the bodyproduces Adrenaline and cortizol that are responsible for demandingenergy, thus causing the urge to eat more than the body needs(Talbott,2007).On the other hand, obesity contributes to stress by giving an obeseperson the feeling of self-dislike. Due to the low self-esteem that aperson develops by hating his or her overweight body, an individualstart thinking over his acceptance of others. For instance, the womanin the video with no family photos because she does not want to seeherself as fat as she is (HBO, 2012). Consequently, people like herfeel depressed.

Dr.Epel’s study explores the biological effects of stress on humanbeings. In her study, she explores the relationship between stressand the biological processes like metabolism, the neuroendocrine andeating behavior (Talbott,2007).This study relates to the discussion in the video on obesity andstress. This relationship is the most interesting element of thevideo that seems like a vicious cycle. The interesting cycle is thata stressed person will gradually gain weight due to the biologicalrelationship. Consequently, the obese situation will make anindividual even more stressed, which will spark the biologicalprocesses that make him or her more overweight than before.


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