The World`s Most Ethical Companies


TheWorld’s Most Ethical Companies

Inthe course of research, I found that Google Inc., which offerscomputer services, treats its customers, employees and environment inthe most ethical and exceptional manner. Google’s mission is toarrange and structure the entire world’s information so thateveryone in the world can have access to it with much ease. Withoutdoubts, Google is the largest and most efficient search engine in theworld due to its salient features and accessibility. In order tocomprehend the ethical behavior and policies of the Google, it isimperative to analyze how the company treats its customers, employeesand environment. Google is well-known for its green initiatives suchas green cars and Google’s campus (Nehls,2011).The purpose of this analysis is to determine the morallyresponsibility of the Google Inc. through the manner in which ittreats its consumers and employees, as well as environment.


Severally,Google has demonstrated to the world that it genuinely believes inmoral and ethical values. For example, the recent scenario of theethical values is associated with the Google search engine based inChina. Google Company was restricted by the Chinese to withdraw allits online pornography away from view of younger generation. It wasreported that Google Company opposed the Department of Justice formany web addresses that defended the rights of child in accordancewith Child Online Act. However, Yahoo, an American Online Company,complied with the request from Chinese government, but Google Companyfocused on its ethical policies and values. Google is engaged inFirst Amendment business, but it is continuing undertakingpornography business in the premise that the company is fighting forthe rights of its consumers (Davis,2006).One would wonder what the Google is protecting.

Mostsignificantly, Google Company treats its customer in the mostexceptional manner through provision of the most recent results. Inaddition, Google pledges to keep private any information their userscommunicate without a persuading reason. Furthermore, it is reportedthat Google Inc. donated amount worth $ 2 million to theestablishment of Wikimedia Foundation. The Wikimedia Foundation wasestablished as a non-profit platform that concentrates on thecreation of free and accessible multilingual content to the projectsbased on Wiki. This foundation runs Wikipedia, although it hasassisted in the development of the Wiktionary, Wikibooks,Wikiversity, and Wikiresource, as well as Wikisource. This freecontent was developed for the benefit of Google’s consumers (Davis,2006).


Google’sdata centers are one of the most efficient and effective in the worldas they uses fifty percent of the energy compared with other datacenters from other companies. The company has invested greatly ingreen initiatives aimed at conserving the environment. This issupported by the fact that Google uses a very small proportion of thetotal electricity in the world, found to be less than 0.01 percent.Furthermore, the company has developed a technology known asPrediction that optimizes power and fuel consumption, which greatlyreduces emissions of carbon dioxide gas. This was in collaborationwith Ford engineers helped Google to develop green cars that are selfdriven. Over the last couple of years, the company establishedenvironmental-friendly initiatives in the universe of gadgetry.Besides, the company is striving hard to reduce greenhouse gases bydiscouraging the use fertilizers through its extension services knownas Google’s campus. Additionally, Google Inc. was the firstinternet service provider that received external certification ofhigh energy and environmental management standards (Nehls,2011).


GoogleInc. offers its employees with a range of benefits and perks, as wellas favorable working conditions, which have enabled the company tomaintain its workforce. For example, the company offers free ofcharge haircut to its employees and gym equipments, as well asswimming pools. In addition, employees are also provided with freelaundry and dry cleaning services. Moreover, the company is concernedabout the employees’ well-being through provision of freehealthcare plan such as on-site medical stuff. Whenever an employeegets injured, he or she can go for free medication at Googleplex.Through subsidized message programs, stressed Google employeesreceive a message, for a small fee, from a recognized therapist in aseparate. Most importantly, employees also receive benefit of workingat the company that involves twenty percent time program. Googlepermits its employees to spend up to twenty percent of their work atthe company to undertake special projects. According to GoogleCompany, many of its useful products emanated from Google Labs beganas pet projects out of twenty percent time program. Therefore, Googleemployees are treated in the most exceptional and morally mannerconsidering the wide range of benefits that they are given by thecompany (Susan,Randall &amp Steve, 2011).

Effectsof morally conscious decisions

Throughmorally conscious decisions, the company has able to retain itsconsumers and employees. Consequently, Google has continued realizingprofits in a couple of years. Through the benefits the company isoffering to its employees, company has able to retain its competentworkforce. In addition, the company has developed quality productsthrough Google Labs out of twenty percent time program. Therefore,due to ethical practices the company anticipates continued employees’loyalty even in future.

Reviewof company’s policies

Thecompany has developed environmental policy that involves greeninitiatives aimed at sustainable development and environmentalconservation. Private policy is another policy of the company. Thispolicy explains the information that is collected from the users bythe company and reasons why this information is collected.Additionally, the policy explains how the user information collectedis used by the company. The privacy policy also explains the choicesthe company offers to its consumers, including how to update andaccess information. However, the company’s privacy policies do notcompletely explains which information is added to behavioral profileand to what degree it is monitored. One of the recommendationsregarding privacy policy is that the company should make its privacycommitments much more understandable so that Google work becomesbetter to its users. Secondly, Google should create a betterexperience to its consumers. Google’s privacy policies should beintegrated into one service with information from other servicesespecially when users log into Google Accounts. By doing this, Googletreats a user as a single user across Google when he or she is singedin (López-Tarruella,2012).


Undoubtedly,Google Company has been capable of living up to the expectation ofconsumers and employees. The company has demonstrated clear-cutpolicy and its own position towards ethical business policies andpractices. Therefore, the code of conduct and social responsibilityof the Google have greatly improved corporate good image andreputation. Company is enjoying its pride as one of the most ethicalsearch engine. The company has funded environmental projects bylaunching green initiatives.


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