Theory Framework in Program Design

TheoryFramework in Program Design

HealthIssue: Prevention of depressionDepressionrefers to a mental condition or disorder that make people havedepressed mood, disturbed sleep, poor concentration, low energy, lossof interest, and feeling of low self-worth or guilt. Unemployment,family problems, physical illness are some of the causes ofdepression. There is need to apply primary, secondary, and tertiaryinterventions in order to help people avoid developing symptoms ofdepression as well as treat victims of depression.DirectHealthcare Services: Primary:Provision of information to individuals regarding the cause andsymptoms of depressionSecondary: Providing necessary screeningand testing necessary for the prevention of depressionTertiary:prescribing the appropriate medications for depressed person in atimely manner (Kobetz, Vatalaro, Moore, &amp Earp, 2005)


Primary:Adopting a healthy lifestyle by limiting the intake of alcohol,taking a well-balanced diet, having enough sleep, and indulging invarious exercises. Encouraging people to avoid things that seemenjoyable for only a short time but make them feel worse afterwards(Kobetz et al., 2005).Secondary: Encouraging people to talkand share their problems that they face with their friends and familymembers

Tertiary:Advising individuals to visit counselors and doctors whenever theystart developing some signs of depressionPopulation-basedServices: Primary:Assessing individuals at increased risk for depression. Groups thathave high risk of developing depression include but not limited toindividuals with other psychiatric disorders, like chronic medicaldisease, person of lower socioeconomic status, and persons who areunemployed (Lytle &amp Perry, 2001).

Secondary:Carrying out screening tests using various methods that depend on thepatient being served, clinicians’ preference, and practicesetting.Tertiary: Treatment of adults with psychotherapy orantidepressesants.InfrastructureServices: Primary: Setting up more companies and organizations that help people getopportunities to work hence, reducing unemployment in the society aswell as reducing the number of people that are likely to developdepression. This is because jobless person tend to develop symptomsof depression.Secondary: Setting up heath care services tohelp detect and address any symptoms of depressionTertiary:Setting up rehabilitation and counseling centers to in order tofacilitate proper care for depressed people. Prescribed drugs arefurther appropriate in treating depressed individuals.


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