TO Eli Reviewers


TO:Eli Reviewers


8thAUG 2014


Beingpart of the Eli reviewing team is a positive experience as it equipsstudents with writing, reviewing and revising skills. The platformaims at producing creative and innovative ideas as well as a finalquality compilation. These goals become possible with the basic ethosshared by the teachers and students as producing quality and flawlesswork. As other students review teacher instructions, it becomeseasier to comprehend the task and share ideas in forums to have awide knowledge base.

Froma personal experience acquiring these skills in writing and a wideknowledge base is not only useful in the review process, but also inlife. Writing skills acquired from Eli review help in betterpresentation of work in internationally and academically acceptedformats. On the same note, it includes citation skills andreferencing. Eli reviews also help in creating a wide knowledge baseby the different review assignments done as financial, literature,technological, design fields. As a student, I acquire more insight inmy area of study and other fields as I review other scholarlyreviews. These two serve as the basic ethos that drive students’ towork on scholarly articles and reviews, to gain presentation insightand a wide knowledge base in their study fields. As a good reviewer,one has to practice accuracy, originality, and research. Accuracymaintains the content within its lines. On the other hand,originality and research gives the work the required content whileavoiding plagiarism.

Myexperience using Eli review has had positive developments in study aswell as connecting with other scholars in review of other articles.Eli review enhances study and resource base.