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RE: Protection of Domain Name as a Trademark (Global, 2005)


DomainNames has become business promoter and identifier, and they need tobe protected just like trademarks. Domain Names are becoming morevaluable and popular, and their functions are no different from thoseserved by trademarks. Therefore, it is necessary to secure theprocesses used in protection and registration of the domain names.There are various functions of domain names. It is through the domainname system that addresses belonging to Web servers are allocated andmanaged. Nationally and internationally, domain names can beregistered as a trademark to identify and distinguish goods andservices. The best probable and efficient protection of domain namesinternationally, closely harmonized to trademark laws (Global, 2005).


Thelegal issue discussed in the article involves legal protection ofinternet domain names the same way trademarks are protected againstcopyright. Domain names needs to be protected because they have asimilar function to trademarks such as distinguishing products andcompany from others. Therefore, domain name is an intellectualproperty subject to legal protection just like other intellectualproperties in the e-business (Global, 2005).


Inthe e-business, domain name is an important aspect that enables acompany to exist and operate online. Therefore, there is a need toprotect unique domain names, like service marks and trademarks. Forexample, a business or entity may enjoy protection to a new domainname in Indian laws (Global, 2005). The intellectual propertyprotection regarding domain names involves drastic measures againstinfringement of registered and protected unique domain name withinthe jurisdiction of Indian laws. The best solution to this legalissue is to avoid conflicts of trademarks by searching through thetrademark databases. ICANN governs and regulates the copyright issuesregarding domain names.


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