Tools and Decision Making Worksheet

Toolsand Decision Making





What kind of information will each tool provide?

Under what conditions is this tool most applicable?

Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)

This tool will help in explaining the possible impact of the failure

This tool is applicable where one is not sure how a certain process if implemented will come along.

Flow chart

This tool enables the team to identify any steps that may pose a challenge. It gives a pointer on the processes that needs improvement.

Used when one needs to know the actual problems such as bottlenecks.

Cause–and-effect diagram

This tool tells the root cause of a problem or the possible causes of a problem.

This tool can be used in the early stages of measurement and improvement processes

Check sheet

This tool is important in telling whether a specific action has been taken or not.

Necessary when staff need to complete a certain task as well as the number of times a task needs to be repeated.

Control chart

This tool tells the team about the standard process to achieve a desired result.

When a team needs to know whether a certain process is in statistical control or not.


This method shows what exactly is happening within a process at a particular time

When one needs to evaluate a certain process at particular time

Pareto chart

Tells the number of customer complaints received in every category.

It can be used to analyze the frequency of a problem and the possible causes of that problem.

Run chart

Tells whether a particular change is effective

When a team needs to analyze whether a certain process is bringing improvements

Scatter diagram

This tool gives information on the relationship between two variables.

It can be used when one needs to examine any theories on possible causes of a problem.

How do you determine which tool is most appropriate?

The problem of customer complains can break any health care business. The number of complaints and how they are affecting the DEF organization will determine the most appropriate tool.

What are the most appropriate tools for responding to this scenario?

The Pareto chart will be useful in analyzing the number of complains. After a certain change is effected, the Run chart will tell the team whether there are any improvements after the change.


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