Topic How did the Mexican Revolution affects the American and Mexican societies` notion or view of the US-Mexico Relationship?


Topic:Howdid the Mexican Revolution affects the American and Mexicansocieties’ notion or view of the US-Mexico Relationship?

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MexicanRevolution and the role of United States

Mostof the Americans and the native Mexicans and Latin Americanscelebrate Cinco de Mayo as the United States and Mexico friendshipday. It was originally to commemorate the historical event but itinfluences the major social and political relationship between thetwo countries. However, the two nation’s relationship to each otherhas never been these close in the past and some of the major eventsin history might have scratch the very foundation of the strong bondbetween these two countries. One of the major events that test thebond between the United States and Mexico is the Mexican Revolution,which originally has no real relation to the political and socialissue to the United States.

MexicanRevolution is a 10 year Mexican Civil war that started when FranciscoMadero led an uprising against Porfirio Diaz who is an autocrat for along time. It was originally a revolt although it ended up as amulti-sided civil war which was considered to be the most importantsociopolitical event not only in Mexico but in the ContinentalAmerica since it tackles some of the reformation in socialorganization. The connection of the Mexican Revolution to UnitedStates started with the events along the borders.

Inthe time of the Mexican revolution, the relationship of United Statesand Mexico is turbulent. United States only support the one with thepower whether the power was held to them in a legitimate manner orthrough the violent acts of revolution. The initial action of theAmerican government at that the start of the Mexican Revolution isordered by President Woodrow Wilson. He warns the Mexican Military toavoid the danger from the lives and properties of the Americansliving in the country.

TheAmerican Intervention of the Mexican Revolution started in theincident of Ypiranga where the American intelligence spotted theillegal arms transported by the German Ships. The intervention wasaccompanied by some other border incidents that increased the tensionbetween the two nations. The minor clash between the Mexicanmilitaries and revolutionaries disturb the borders and led to smallintervention of the United States military. Although the Americansintervened with the events, they did not declare a direct war towardsthe Mexican Military. The Mexican Revolution only increased thetension of US-Mexico Relationship.

Thereare many speculations why the Americans started to intervene with theMexican revolution even though the events do not have a sufficienttreat to the United States. Some may say this is because of economicreasons, in which the American businessmen were afraid of thepossible political change that could affect their investments inMexico. It may not affect the social norm or the social notion ofthese nations’ relationship but it only shows how the American’sshows interest in the business opportunities of the Mexican nation.


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Inthis format, I created a blog where I present my own idea about theconcept I created. The content of my blog contains some of the majorfacts of the Mexican Revolution and some of ideas and concepts thatthe readers could think about. One of the issue is how the Americansintervened with the Mexican Revolution and what are their motives aswell as its effects. Then, the readers, who could be anyone, couldhave their own insights and submit it as a comment to my originalcontent. In this way, not only my views are presented in the digitalformat but also the views of the readers of my blog or website.

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