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Apowerful company logo is a vital symbol and an extremely pricelessasset that can maximize recognition. It is an essential andexceptional element in the success of the company (Degenhardt, 2013).Technology has made the world a global village and theinterconnection of modern economies has made competition veryintense. In order to improve their competitive edge and maintaintheir market share, companies have designed significant symbols toclaim ownership in all parts of the world. The practice of usinglogos is not a new development man has used logos for hundreds ofyears to facilitate identification (Ikshu, 2010). For example, in theancient days the Romans used stomp their manufactured commoditiessuch as bricks with their emblem, intended destination and place oforigin. With time, these symbols have been advanced and stylized toaccord them a touch of classiness and uniqueness. In the modernworld, there are countless trademarks, and symbols and logos that aremade of different shapes, colors and symbols (Danesi, 2008). A logohas become an essential basis for branding products and inadvertisement campaigns. A well-designed logo can be a great sourceof appeal to customers and help promote brand recognition. A stablelogo is never affected by time and continues to refresh many yearsafter it is created. Such a logo is easily recognized, remembered,comprehended and consequently valued as a revolutionary piece of art(Degenhardt, 2013).

Toyota Logo

Thereare many company logos have remained outstanding for many years butvery few have made it to the level of Toyota Company logo. ToyotaCompany is one of the leading firms in automobile production. Thecompany logo is well known around the globe. Today, Toyota is one ofthe largest automobile companies that manufacture, trucks, buses,SUVs, robots, apart from offering providing automobile services(Toyota, 2014). The company`s logo is a simple symbol, originatingfrom the Japanese word detonating ‘eight` that was believed tobring victory and good fortune that the company sought at the time ofinception. As aforementioned just like other renowned logos, Toyotalogo, is simple and elegance with a lustrous look, elegance style,attraction and philosophy. It contains three ellipses, which inJapanese culture symbolize the heart of the customer, that of theproduct, heart of industrial and technological advancement andboundless prospects of the future. The word ‘toyo` in Japanesemeans wealth and profusion while ‘ta` signifies rice, which is apopular food in Japan (Toyota, 2014). In most of the cultures in AsiaPacific believe that the rice signifies wealth. The diagram belowshows the picture of the company`s logo.

Elements of the Toyota Emblem

The distinctive design of thecompany`s logo represents the grand quality and also signifies thestrong tie of the founders of Toyota Company to their culture. Theanalogous ovals on the logo signify the trust that the company had inits customers and a solemn dedication to satisfying their demand andwishes (Toyota, 2014).

Shape of the logo:

The shape of the company`s logois cryptic that appears as an oval that is somewhat extended from thehorizontal sides. The three ovals that are uniquely joined to formthe logo symbolize the heart of the commodity sold with the company`slogo, the heart of the client and the heart of technological andindustrial strides that the company has made (Toyota,2014).


Ascan be seen above, there are three ovals combined uniquely in aproportioned configuration. The two small ovals inside the big ovalsignify the heart of the Toyota Company and that of Toyota clients.The two are overlap to symbolize the symbiotic connection andreliance between the company and the customers. None can do withoutthe contribution of the other. The two small ovals positioned atright angle in the interior of the big oval denotes ‘`T“ that isthe first letter of the name Toyota (Toyota,2014). It also representsa steering wheel symbolize the automobile itself. In the same vein,the outer oval represents the globe that happily embraces Toyota. Ascan be observed, each oval is outlined with different level ofthickness. The space backdrop within the Toyota logo put on view theimmeasurable value that the company expresses to its clients that is,outstanding quality, innovation, environment and corporate publicresponsibility, reliability in safety and value surpassingexpectation.

Color of the logo

Theellipse is usually made of red color while the background surface ismade of white color, a combination that gives the company`s logo aconspicuous and stylish look.The ellipse is often accompaniedby the name `Toyota` which appears brief, but that is enough to letthe client know it is a product of Toyota Company (Toyota,2014). It is simple yetrefined.

Asdifferent companies continue to make laborious efforts to distinguishtheir product in the market from those of competitors, logos haveproved to be useful tools. Logos are the key element that stands outin the jam-packed marketplace in the automobile industry. Competitionhas coerced firms to manufacture revolutionary products, most ofwhich are similar and possess the same feature. Toyota Logo issimple symbols that easily distinguish the company`s automobiles fromthose of competing companies. Toyota logo has become an importanttool that highlights corporate identity. It has revolutionized thatadvertising because it significantly enhances brand recognition andconsiderably raises the awareness of the entire automobilesmanufactured by the Toyota Company (Danesi,2008). The conspicuousellipse logo has also played a pivotal role in expressing the missionand the philosophy of Toyota Company to all people around the globe.


Asaforementioned, a company logo constitutes a paramount element ofmarketing tool. Toyota logo has played a huge role in productpromotion of all the products that bear the company logo. Everyperson in any part of the world can easily recognize a Toyotaautomobile courtesy of the conspicuous company logo. Toyota logo haselevated the image of the company in the global market, apart fromfacilitating f brand recognition. Whenever a person comes across thelogo of Toyota Company, it elicits a sensation of solid, glamorousvehicle that will take you wherever you are going without anyproblem.

Thelogo has served as a vital marketing tool just like what thedesigners wanted it to be: to promote recognition of automobilemanufactured by Toyota from a distance, proclaiming the ‘arrival ofToyota` and providing a strong visual impact that puts the companyvehicles, above all, the other automobiles.


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