Types of Laws


Typesof Laws


Thediscipline of law encompasses many aspects of human nature and theirinteraction with the rules set in given societies. There are severalforms of law that define the guidelines a society adopts in the dayto day running of the activities (Calavita, 2010). All these arefounded on the principle of good governance and inclusion ofeveryone.

Firstthere is the constitutional law that is involved with the explanationand application of the laws outlined in the constitution of the land.A constitution is a collection of the laws governing the populationof a given nation. The constitution also outlines the relationshipbetween the state and individual persons.

Secondlythere is the first amendment law that is involved with the protectionof the rights of the citizens. It expounds on the freedom of speech,religion, and assembly.

Onthe other hand, there is the criminal law which encompasses therelationship between the state and the government (Calavita, 2010).The law governs the affairs of the individuals in relation to thestate and the entire society.

Moreover,there is the civil law that concentrates with the relationship of anindividual person and other people. It frequently results in paymentof monetary damages. In this case the defendant is not provided witha lawyer rather they are required to seek for their own attorney(Ortmeier,2013).

Thereis also the environmental law that involves the interaction of peoplewith the natural habitat. It outlines the dos and the don’ts inrelation to environmental conservation.

Businessaw on the other hand, involves the rules regulating the operations ofbusinesses in a given state (Calavita, 2010).

Lastly,there is the maritime law also known as admiralty law thatencompasses rules of navigation and shipping, and also insurance.


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