United States Constitution



UnitedStates Constitution


Thesupremacy clause and the doctrine of the federal preemption mustconform to the constitution of the United States. Laws made at thefederal level must conform to the constitution, and they do notaffect the supremacy clause. Any law that regards the doctrine offederal preemption that is in consistency with the United Statesconstitution is void. Any act or omission in contravention with ofthe United States constitution is invalid (Lotz, 2007).


2(a)According to the United States constitution, change of laws regardingsigns is allowed in the constitution. However, a particular periodshould be given to the existing sign owners to change the size oftheir signboards. However, all the future construction of signsshould confer with the new rules of sign height but existing signsshould be given time changing the size (H., 2005).

(b)The decision is constitutional because it is time bound. The citymanagement can decide to change to a more conventional anddigitalized method of advertising at free will. The decision may bedue to future planning strategies of the city council and thereforethe decision should prevail (Folsom, 2007).

(c)Accordingto the United States, constitution the government owns minerals andprecious stones, and therefore any mining that it takes place shouldhave a permit from the government. The government has the authorityto either grant or not grant the permit even if the minerals arelocated in a person’s land (Lotz, 2007).

(d)Thatdecision is unconstitutional because decisions that are made in thefuture should not affect activities that took place in the past. Ifthe land had already been subdivided then the city council has nomandate to force the owner to subdivide the land again. They should aperiod to the owner to divide the land to plots at their pace (H.,2005).

(3)Thecontract is not valid because the previous contract had already endedand matured. For a contract to be in place there must be an offer andacceptance. In this case, no suggestion was given to Dr. Smart andtherefore Brilliant state University are not bound to any contract(Kang, 2006).

(4)Theout of state generators cannot bind the state from banning theimportation of waste because they have already identified that thereis a void or hazard that is brought about by importation of waste totheir state. However, the out of state generators can defendthemselves by providing evidence that imported waste does not affectfilling with landfills. They need to come with alternatives that willhelp the country from getting landfills. The probable result of thecase is that the out of state generators will be hindered fromimporting waste to the state (Lotz, 2007).

(5)Theconstitution of United States had given constitutional authority toState governments on the regulation regarding the use of land in caseof conservation of natural water such bodies such as rivers, lakes,and streams. The basis of Richman is that every citizen has the rightto possess property and do anything with his or her property. In thecase, he sues the city he is likely to lose the case because the citycouncil has the mandate to form laws that every citizen should abideby in their areas of jurisdiction. Moreover, every decision made byproperty owners should conform to the city rules and regulations(Folsom, 2007).

(6)The city of Pulis has the constitutional authority to regulate theuse or interest in any land and land use planning. Therefore, in ourcase the city will be successful if the property owners lodge acomplaint in a court of law. The property owner will be evicted withno compensation because of ignorance (Folsom, 2007).


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