Utopian versus Pragmatic Thinking

Utopianversus Pragmatic Thinking

Utopianversus Pragmatic Thinking

Istrongly think that utopian thinking is not only valuable but alsonecessary. Every person in the world strives to be happy and enjoylife to the fullest for the days they will be on the Earth’ssurface. The fundamental factors that bring happiness entail theabsence of all elements that bring sorrow, pain, anguish hand terror.It is the desire to have a better life each day and derive maximumutility from the services and goods that are offered by both thegovernment and private entities. In this vein the notion of utopiais what every human need and aspires because it is the beginning oftransforming dreams to reality. Pragmatism is the way to get to anutopian society and the road to achieve the dreams and aspirationwithin and beyond our utopian dreams. Pragmatism offers the paththrough which realistic and even unrealistic dreams are accomplishedsince it the ‘do’ part of the process. It is important to notethat without pragmatism nothing can be achieved and everything willremain a dream. It is pragmatism that has enabled individuals tocreate new products that have immensely improved the life of human onthe planet and facilitated their ride to their utopian dream(Heywood, 2004). I therefore think it is necessary that a society isnot only utopian but also pragmatic to be able to attain meaningfulsocial progress and as a consequent bring happiness to everyone.

Theideals of President Barrack Obama can be placed between the realms ofutopia yet most of them are pragmatic. The dream of ensuring that,all Americans access cheap and quality healthcare is one such ideathat makes his policies as utopian. From the economic sense it isdifficult to ensure that the health expenses of all members of thesociety are covered by the government whether such individual are inemployment or not. Nonetheless, due to pragmatism massive strideshave been made in ensuring that poor Americans that need that supportbenefit from government support and cover. If Obama policy is fullyimplemented Americans would not have to worry about the health(whether they get sick or not since all their health expense are paidby government. The goals of ensuring income inequality is may appearutopian but with practical moves from Obama administration it can beachieved (Gormley, 2012). This would mean that all individual haveequal opportunity and are treated equally in all sphere of society.


Ithink I agree with the argument put forward by the first student thatutopian thinking is valuable but pragmatism is the key to utopian.More specifically the proposition that, without incredible dreams wehave no desire for a better life cannot be closer to the truth. Itmeans that though utopian thinking helps us set dreams andaspirations, practicality is the vehicle that takes us to there. Iagree that every day we are always making efforts to be perfect inwhatever we do and that pragmatism is what builds our capacity toachieve greater and better things in life.


Ialso agree with this student that each one of us have our own utopianideals but disagree that in the large society there are no elementsof utopian thinking. Moreover conflict that emanates from the factthat different members of the society holds different opinionsregarding important subjects such as healthcare does not mean thatutopian thinking is to blame. Infact, I would contend that utopia isnecessary in the process of coming up with the dream or idea whilepracticality is crucial to make those dreams a reality. Besides notall socialists goal are utopian and some elements such as healthcarein capitalism societies such as America fall in the realms of utopia.


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