Ways that genre affects comedy

Waysthat genre affects comedy

Thepaper shall focus on a short-story by Ambrose Bierce entitled TheIndigenous Patriot to illustrate the ways that genre affects comedy.It is evident from the content of this work that indeed genre affectscomedy in a number of ways, which ends up making the entire storyworthy reading by the target audience. The genre of this book can beanalyzed from two perspectives where the first one is based on thefocus of the story, which is essentially comedy in this context. Thesecond classification is based on the literature format used by theauthor, which happens to be a short story. The author uses theliterature trait of a short story to illustrate various aspects thathe expects the audience to comprehend and appreciate.

Thestory is based on the numerous activities of an Indigenous Patriotwho works his way to attaining the audience of the King, whom hewants to manipulate to gain various favors. He is an individual whohas identified the loopholes that he can exploit to have his wayregarding the resources of the Kingdom. The funny thing is that theKing allows him to manipulate him and cheat him not knowing that hisdays are numbered. The King goes ahead to order for the arrest andeventual killing of the Indigenous Patriot who thought that he issmarter than any other individual in his life.

Thegenre in this context is helpful in enhancing the comedy in thisstory by giving it an avenue to amuse the audience without requiringthem to read large volumes of pages. It follows that the audience hasto read a limited number of pages to understand and comprehend theplot of the entire story thus allowing the writer to entertain andeducate in a short while. The short story gives the Bierce anopportunity to concentrate on particular aspects that enhance thecomical aspects of the story unlike in other genres like novels andfilms, which are much detailed. The author manages to pick on fewcharacters about the use of a short story genre to pass across theintended message. The prospect of choosing on a limited and,therefore, a manageable number of characters allows the author toreach the climax of the entire story in a short period thus helpingto boost the understanding of the audience.

Inthis book, the author had to be economical with the use of words toensure that the audience is saved the trouble of having to read forlong hours to comprehend the plot of the entire story. He realizedthat the climax of the entire story was when the Indigenous Patriotapproaches the King with a tricky plan that aimed at looting publicresources. The comic part of this climax is that the Kings areexpected to be knowledgeable and wise people who cannot be easilytricked the way the Indigenous patriot expected.

Thisgenre limits the efforts of the writer to express himself adequatelyto the target audience. It is evident that comedy works are meant tocreate humor and entertain the readers on various occasions. Insituations that limits the prospect of such works having an extensivecoverage of the humorous scenes denies the audience an opportunity ofbeing entertained. The audience expects writers of comedies to comeup with detailed stories that keep them glued to their readingactivities that help them to understand the subject matter and enjoythemselves to the fullest. Short stories are structured in such a waythat the authors have to follow certain writing formats andstructures that ensure that they become economical in their use ofwords and jokes. Such a rather strict requirement makes it hard forthem to come up with comprehensive stories that may lead to addedentertainment to their audiences. It follows that short stories havea professional approach that curtails the writers to go beyond acertain limit in expressing their ideas to the audience.

Thenature and expectations of comedy work of literature require that theauthor expresses himself in a detailed manner to help the audience toenjoy the entire story. The main emphasis here is laid on ensuringthat the audience is entertained and kept alive throughout the story.Bierce violates the requirements of the followers of comedy works byadhering to the principles set out by a short story genre of works byconstraining the amount of words used to explain scenarios.

Theshort story format used by the author leads to quick development ofthe story since there is every reason for the story to reach itsclimax in the shortest time due to the words constraints stipulatedby the requirements. Such a requirement makes the story short sincethe author is tied to adhere to the requirements of the genre. Theaudience is the most affected in this case since its thirst ofencountering a comprehensive story is denied by the brief nature ofthe story employed by the author. There are anticipation andcuriosity created among the audience since the author fails to takethem a step further. As stated earlier, comedies are meant toentertain and amuse the audience thus the need to have longer scriptsthat facilitate these demands adequately.