Web Content Doxa Oil and Gas

WebContent: Doxa Oil and Gas

WebContent: Doxa Oil and Gas

Webcontent is the primary reason for the customers of the internet usersto visit particular websites and avoid others. According to Kyrnin(2014) web content refers to aural, visual, or textual content thatforms part of the experience of the website users. Web content givesinformation about who the website owners are, what they do, whom theytarget, and their strategies among other information. This paper willanalyze the web content for the website of Doxa Oil and Gas Limited.


Doxahas become a gas and oil exploring and production company that mainlyconcentrates on onshore operations. The company focuses on bothconventional and unconventional projects. Since its establishment,Doxa has remained committed to improving the value of itsshareholders in the long-term. This is accomplished by managing thecompany in a responsible and profitable way. This commitment has beendriving the management of Doxa towards provision of quality servicesand products to its target clients.

Aboutus /profile

DoxaLtd is an oil and gas exploration company that focuses on theexploration of onshore projects and its main operations are based inthe United States, but it also has some operations in Nigeria. About50 % of the Doxa’s board of directors is composed of the seniormanagement of Dynamic Production. The remaining proportion iscomposed of the senior officers of Armstrong Group. The companybuilds up and maintains a portfolio of development and producingconventional as well as unconventional assets. Doxa owns interests ingas and oil leasehold lands. In addition, Doxa own interest indifferent gas and oil exploration projects in various counties(including McMullen, Goliad, and Colorado) of Texas State.


Doxa’score values include

  • Accountability

  • Commitment

  • Integrity

  • Innovation

  • Balance

  • Safety


DoxaLtd is a company that concentrates on an assortment of gas and oilexploration as well as exploitation opportunities that have thesuitable mix of high, medium, and low rewards / risk profiles.


DoxaLtd is dedicated to becoming a leading gas and oil corporation,achieving operating and financial results, while utilizing soundsocial, business, safety, and environmental practices.


Doxaengages in projects that pertain to the exploration and exploitationof gas and oil in onshore sites. Currently, Doxas is undertaking sixmajor oil exploration and exploitation in the United States,including

  • Mississippian Lime Play

  • Sarco Creek Project

  • Eagle Ford Shale Projects

  • County Line Prospect

  • County Line North Prospect

  • New Beilau Prospect

Theentire portfolio of projects undertaken by Doxa involves theexploration and extraction of gas and oil products on the shores.


DoxaLtd has a team of dedicated members of staff who have specialized indifferent aspects of oil exploration and exploitation. This hasincreased the capacity of Doxa Ltd to provide premium services thatare backed by outstanding expertise. Consequently, Doxa has managedto venture into support services in both downstream and upstreamsectors of gas and oil. Some of the key services that Doxas deliversto its clients and subsidiaries include manpower supply, equipmentleasing, fabrication, procurement, project management, andinstallation of equipment.


Theentire portfolio of Doxa’s projects and operations targets atproducing two categories of products, namely the natural gas andpetroleum products. The refined petroleum products include gasoline,fuel oil, petrochemicals, naphtha, middle distillates, bitumen, andniche products. The Doxa also produces liquefied petroleum gas, whichconstitutes of butane and propane. The LPG is used as an intermediatein the process of production of petrochemicals or sold as a fuel.


Qualityculture at Doxa has five major ingredients. First, the company hascreated a mentally of “all inclusive” where all the stakeholders,including customers and suppliers are aware that their engagementwith Doxa is a win-win-win affairs. Secondly, open and honestcommunication is part of Doxa value, which creates that notion thatopen communication is a necessity for employees to function best.Third, accessibility of information is at the heart of all that Doxadoes. This implies that business leaders at Doxa facilitate theprocess of sharing information about the goals of the company, whichin turn gives direction on for what needs to be done next and howoperations should be improved. Fourth, the company encourages thestakeholders to focus on processes and move away from the blame game.Fifth, there are no failures of success in Doxa, but everything isconsidered to be a learning experience. This is based on the notionthat, as humans, we cannot forecast the outcome of our activitieswith certainty. Therefore, the present accomplishments are merelybased on the current information, experience, and understanding allof which are subject to improvement and changes with time. Internaldrivers of quality improvement include relational management,research, and publication of quality related issues. External driversof Quality improvement include accreditation and benchmarking.Internal quality control is achieved through self-assessment whileexternal control is achieved through external reviews and standardsthat are externally formulated.

Corporatequality policy

Doxais dedicated to high quality in all facets of the organization.Doxa’s quality policy is consistent with the management standardsoutlined in ISO 9001-2000 as well as other international and nationalstandards. In line with this, Doxan has remained committed toproviding quality products and services that address the expectationsand requirements of the target consumers. In addition, the managementof Doxan has the responsibility of ensuring that all employeesdemonstrate their commitment to a process of continuous qualityimprovement, which is achieved by setting measurable objectives andgoals. Doxa’s quality system is an essential part of the leadershipmethodology, which is designed to perpetuate and improve thereputation of the company as an explorer, exploiters, and producer ofquality gas and oil products. The dedicated and competent employeesof Doxa act as the cornerstone in establishing and maintaining aquality-based organization. The organizational management providesall the necessary resources for the implementation of the company’squality system.


Doxahas established one major strategic partnership that has allowed itto expand its drilling capacity. By partnering with Eagle Ford Shale,Doxa expects to implement an oil drilling project in a 2005 acrepiece of land.


Asa company operating in the gas and oil industry, we have four keyresponsibilities. First, we endeavor to minimize environmentalpollution during the exploration and processing operations by usingthe latest technology. Secondly, it is our primary responsibility toprovide quality products and services to our esteemed customers.Third, the company has the responsibility to ensure that allemployees are working in a safe environment and they are wellcompensated. Lastly, the company has the responsibility of increasingthe shareholder wealth in spite of the challenges prevailing in theindustry.


Thepresent essay describes the key features of the Doxa Oil and GasCompany. Every feature of the website gives more information aboutthe company. This implies that the website users can understand theorganization better by navigating the website in a comprehensive way.


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