Week 4 Discussion

Week 4 Discussion 3

Week4 Discussion

Week4 Discussion

Ithas been shown that some teams are more effective when they haveaccess to a facilitator or process consultant. A facilitator is aconsultant who has the responsibility of designing work sessions inorder to meet a certain goal (Vaughton, n.d). He also works atproducing the whole potential of a team. Lastly, a facilitatordevelops and offers a number of procedures, techniques and toolswhich help in accomplishing work in an effective and speedy way in ateam environment (Vaughton, n.d). From this, it is true that afacilitator has a great responsibility for any team. He works atguiding and supporting a team to be clear on the outcomes they wantto achieve and the kind of techniques to be employed in order toattain those outcomes. According to studies, a facilitator providesknowledge of the developed techniques to the team besides offering aclear understanding of the kind of method to be used in a specificsituation.

Thefacilitator or the process consultant works at facilitating the team.It entails keeping the team focused during their meetings in additionto ensuring even participation of all the team members. This isattained through team monitoring and intervention. The facilitatorworks at protecting the process used by the team. He has a set ofmethods, experience and knowledge applied in safeguarding the processused by the team. In addition to developing the process, thefacilitator also amends it, keeps it on the right track, besidesensuring that all the team members are attached to it. Consideringthe role of a facilitator or a process consultant, it is true thattheir work works towards ensuring that the team becomes moreeffective.


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