Week Two Concepts Review and Social Media Paper

WeekTwo Concepts Review and Social Media Paper

  1. Week Two Concepts Review Response

Exampleof helpful internet information

Thereis one example of information from the internet that helped meaccomplish my task. The information I got involves relationshipbetween media and culture, whereby families and relationships areshifting since members are joining a new virtual society. Socialmedia have been changing embedded traditions through changing howpeople interact (Brown, 2011). For example, for decades, marriageshave been conducted by families, but nowadays marriages are conductedby online dating services. This piece of information about media andculture helped me to know media has changed people culture and theway of doing things (McDonnell, 2011).

Moreover,media and culture has taken a new dimension in the age of blogging.Therefore, the common culture of shared knowledge and values thathelped unite people of all colors, classes, and creeds no longerexists. In addition, this information on media and culturedemonstrated how online interaction has replaced real-worldinteraction, where internet is depicted as a negative force of mediainfluence on people’s culture (Teachout, 2005). Other media thathave changed culture include television and movies. These forms ofmedia have influenced people’s thinking and perception, identity,culture, moral values, modes of dressing, and fashions.

Mostsignificantly, media have influenced consumer culture throughadvertisement of goods and services. The manner in which peopleperceive their roles as being consumers has developed in theframework of networked and mediated environments. In anotherperspective, news industry output has impacted the overall sense ofdisenchantment and disempowerment with traditional socialorganizations. Besides, media have enhanced information throughdevelopment of a communicative scenario of media interactions withpeople (George, 2011).

Usefulnessof internet information

Theinformation I obtained from the internet helped me to build up myideas in a bid to accomplish my task. It introduced me to newconcepts of media and culture I was not conversant with before.Additionally, the media and culture information gave understanding ofhow own cultures are changing as a result of media influence especialsocial media. Most notably, the information helped me understand howsocial media is changing people’s culture where they identifythemselves with a new virtual community. Since this piece ofinformation is very useful, I will require it for future assistancewhenever need arises. This is because the information is credible andelaborate in the topic of the media and culture.

  1. Social media paper

Inthe present world, information is easy obtained from social mediawith the shortest time possible. It is significant to acknowledge allbenefits and downwards of utilizing easily obtainable informationfrom social media.

Advantagesof easily obtainable information

Informationthat can be obtained easily is expediency. It is expedient for peopleto catch the latest news while in one place, listen to latesttop-rated songs, watch videos while chatting with friendsconcurrently. This is much easier than watching television, readingentire newspaper, talking through the phone and listening to theradio to accomplish the same thing. Thus, social media enable peopleto multitask and perform things efficiently while complying withintolerant nature of society.

Disadvantagesof easily accessible information

Theinformation that can be accessed easily is devastating especiallywhen sensitive or critical information is easily obtained when it isnot meant for public. For example, it is annoying when an individualusing social media finds that a member of the family is killed in anaccident before that information is passed to the family of thevictim. Therefore, not all information should be made available(Lule, 2012).

Advantagesof using social media

Mostsignificantly, social media is used to promote company’s productsin the most cost-effective strategies and campaigns that increasesales easily. This is the best way of advertising products withoutmuch-concerted effort of conducting business the most innovative way. Moreover, social media are used to increase data traffic to awebsite, articles and blog. Social media also bring people togetherwhere they can share values, briefs and information easily throughvirtual online community (George,2011).

Disadvantagesof using Social Media

Socialmedia, as an effective platform used for advertising and marketing,is much more time-consuming than expected. Another disadvantage isthat incorrect online brand method could result in a viral socialdisadvantage that can deteriorate company’s reputation and image.Furthermore, social media require deep understanding of how it worksdepending on your goals for one to full gets its full effect. Moreadversely, social media when used by employees may reduce overallproductivity of the company due to wastage of valuable time usingTwitter and Facebook. Furthermore, social media are the genesis ofthe deviate online community (Funk, 2011).

Influenceof these advantages and disadvantages on people’s use of socialmedia

Theadvantages and disadvantages mentioned above changes the way in whichpeople uses social media. Online community may boost sales throughfree marketing and advertisement. Due to disadvantages associatedwith social media encourages people to use a private forum. Thismakes many social networking sites permit people to select whatphotos and information which are on public view (Reed et al., 2012).

Credibilityissues on internet information

Thereare various credibility issues that emanate from internetinformation. Internet is an easy way through which an ordinary personcan write about anything without a reference of credible sources.Therefore, people’s opinions become part of the news story ratherthan one’s hard work and research in preparation of facts. Thisscenario makes most of internet information raise credibility issues(George,2011).


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