“What do you think” Journal


&quotWhatdo you think&quot Journal



1.Hell`s Half Acre

Theterm originates from the west of Idaho Falls in Idaho. It comprisesof four miles of rough and irregular terrain that prove difficult topass. It could also refer to a long and frustrating trip. The areagot the name because of the crags and cracks that make the siteappear hellish.

2.Rebecca Latimer Felton

RebeccaLatimer was a writer and a campaigner for reforms such as women`srights in the United States. She was identified as the first femaleto serve as a senate in the U.S (Zinn,2009).She was introduced to politics by her husband. Rebecca has publishednumerous articles. She also helped draft individual bills.


Lynchingrefers putting someone to death by mob or hanging without followingthe due process of the law. It is unlawful killing of an individualby another person (Zinn,2009).The reason behind the murder could be due to conflicts or sometimesif the defendant wants to gain a particular advantage enjoyed by thevictim.

4.Laissez-faire government

Itwas established by Adam Smith in the eighteenth century, and he wasmotivated by the growth of the American capitalism (Zinn,2009).He urged that the state should not monitor the private interests.Further, he demonstrated that they should be free rein. It is becauseprivate interests are encouraged by self-interest.

5.Gospel of Wealth

AndrewCarnegie published it in the nineteenth century. He warned on thedangers of letting money get into wrong hands (Zinn,2009).In my opinion, I believe that he was worried because successfulpeople would use their money to exploit the weak.

6.Social Darwinism

Thetheory was developed by Herbert Spencer in the late twentieth centuryto explain the success of particular social groups. It explainsdifferent concepts such as survival for the fittest (Zinn,2009).Social Darwinism ensures that only the best individuals and groupsovercome the conflicts between them.

7.Marshall Field

Itwas developed in the middle ages and originally meaning to thecaretaker of king`s horse. Field marshal refers to a militaryposition. It is the highest rank in the military. The achievement ofthis status requires extraordinary army achievements. Examples ofthese ranks include Brazil brigade command.

8.Interstate Commerce Act

TheAct was established to discourage unfair business activities inrailroad industry. It helped address issues such as discriminationand railroad abuses. Reasonable rates were published. The Act hasbeen amended to incorporate new forms of transportation includingwater, pipelines and vehicle transportation.

9.Sherman Anti-Trust Act

ShermanAnti-Trust Act was the first Federal statute to limit monopolies inthe United States. It stated that people who will attempt or assistothers to monopolize will be deemed guilty and charged for felony(Zinn, 2009). The government has a responsibility to investigate oninstitutions suspected of violating the act.

10.Haymarket Square incident

HaymarketSquare riot refers to an outbreak of violence in Chicago. Workerswere demanding for eight hours of working per day (Zinn,2009).An uprising that was started by a small group led to a crowd thatalso felt that there was need to demonstrate for few working hours.It led to the conviction of demonstrators.

11.American Federation of Labor

Itwas an organization established by Samuel Gompers in the UnitedStates during the nineteenth century. The union represented theinterests of employees to the management in various disciplines suchas crafts and other fields related to manufacturing (Zinn,2009).The Federation acts as an “umbrella” organization.

12.Collective bargaining

Collectivebargaining refers to negotiations between the employer and employeesto discuss matters pertaining terms of employment. Agreement isrecommended so that none of the parties take advantage to the other.Employees are represented by labor unions. Collective bargaining isprotected by the state statutory laws (Zinn,2009).

13.Pullman Strike

Thedemonstration in 1894 was a major blow to the United States. Theworkers were demonstrating demanding for their rights (Zinn,2009).The strike was enormous and affected the country to greater extents.The management and employees disagreed on terms of employment and ledto the intervention of the federal government to end the strike.

14.Eugene Debs

EugeneDebs was a union in late nineteenth-century leader in the UnitedStates, and he developed the Industrial Workers of the world. He hadcontested for the presidential seat five times with the socialistparty (Zinn,2009).He had led a railway strike in 1890s but later jailed during theWorld War 1.

15.Chinese Exclusion Act

TheChinese Exclusion Act was established to restrict immigration to theUnited States. It was due to economic fear. Americans wereunderpaying the Chinese workers and even laying them off. The Actwould help protect them at work place as well as improving therelations between the two states.

16.The Statue of Liberty&nbsp

Thestatue of liberty was opened in 1986 and is located in pedestal floorof the marble. It is more than a monument and symbolizes freedom tomany people around the globe (Zinn, 2009). Greater tribute is paid tothose who created it because the ideas represented and the hopes itinspires.

17.Ghost Dancing

Ghostdancing was a group dance developed in the nineteenth century. TheAmerican Indian believed that the dance would restore their way oflife as well as unite them with the dead. I believe that this waspart of their culture. They had strong faith in these dances andthose who ignored did not receive spiritual guidance and visions.

18.Massacre of Wounded Knee Itrefers to a place in Southern Dakota where soldiers of the UnitedStates murdered a large number of Native Americans. The reason wasthat the resisted settlement in the area and had run away to Montana(Zinn, 2009). The soldiers went for them for detention. The officerstried to disarm them, but one of the soldiers was killed leading towar.

19.Dawes Act

TheDawes act was passed to make Native Americans farmers by giving themland for reservation and grazing. I believe that the Act would helpcivilize the people by breaking culture and traditions of tribalpeople and introducing the western culture. It will also help themuse both native and nonnative lands (Zinn,2009).

20.Homestead Act

TheHomestead Act was passed in 1860s any permitted people over the ageof twenty-one years to own 160 acres of land provided theregistration fee were paid. The act helped people build and cultivateon these lands (Zinn,2009).Immigrants, former slaves and farmers were given opportunities toacquire homestead.


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