What goes around comes around

Whatgoes around comes around

“Hey!John! Come back here! How many times do I have to tell you to refrainfrom illiterate persons?” That was John’s mother shouting at herson. John was my age mate. Her mother was an attorney while hisfather was a senior civil servant. On the other hand, I was born to apoor single mother. Rumor had it that I was an illegitimate child,and my mother did not know my father because she had an affair with astranger. Every time I was strolling in the neighborhood, I oftenspotted people pointing at me, and I could tell that they weregossiping my mother and I. I often felt lonely because many parentsin our home area had prohibited their children from playing with me.I was supposedly a bad influence. Every time a child did anythingwrong, they were first punished, and then the parent would come toour home to abuse my mother for training me bad behaviors. I vividlyremember the day that John allegedly wooed a girl when he was eightyears old. The girl’s mother caught them red handed. He reportedthe case to John’s mother (Loise).

Loisecame to our house immediately. We lived in a two-roomed house in theservant quarters at my mother’s employer homestead. My mother was ahouse help with a meager salary, so she could not afford to take meto school. She had encouraged me to be patient until she saved enoughor her boss increased her wages as she had promised to raise herearnings after she was convinced that her work was satisfactory.Loise found my mother with her boss. She was a kind and wealthyentrepreneur in her late fifties. Her husband was one of the deceasedveterans who perished in Afghanistan war.

Loiseclaimed that my mother was a shameless woman who had taught me adultbehaviors. Allegedly, I had seen my mother having coitus, and thentaught John. I was young and naïve although I was nine years old. Weonly had an old television set with bad receivership. I had also notseen my mother with a man in my life. However, John confessed to meseveral years later that he had seen his father making love to hismother and their house help. He also watched adult content from theinternet using his personal laptop. He also owned a Smartphone thathe and his friends exchanged had saved a lot of pornographicmaterial.

Thediscrimination I experienced in my childhood made me loseself-esteem. I contemplated committing suicide on many occasions,especially because all my age mates avoided me as if I was an evilspirit. It was not until when I was ten years old that my mothermanaged to save enough to send me to a cheap school that was severalseven miles away. On many occasions, I could not afford bus fare.Instead of giving up, I decided to be leaving home early and run allthe way to and from school. I consoled myself that perhaps I couldearn some respect since many children were strictly warned to avoidme because I had not joined school. Besides, I was badly brought up,so I was supposedly a bad influence.

Accordingto Benjamin Franklin, diligenceis the mother of good luck.My teachers claimed that I was a genius. I was excelling ineducation, thanks to my mother’s effort tutorial lessons before Ijoined the school. She had purchased books that she used to help melearn as I waited to join a formal school. In one year, I waspromoted to grade three. Three months later, I was promoted to grade4. One day, I was given a letter to take to my mother. She wasinformed that she was required at school the following day withoutfail. She was scared that I had done something wrong, but I wasconfident that I had not done anything wrong. I refrained fromindiscipline cases because I was determined to prove Loise and otherwealthy parents that associated my mother and me with indiscipline.

Fortunately,my mother was called to receive and sign a calling letter for me tojoin a special school for the genius. The principal asserted thatthey had identified that I had a special talent that qualifiedjoining the special government school. The news was incredible. I wasthe only hope my mother had, and success was looming from a distant.

Twodays after joining the school, I went to the physical exercise in thefield. I found an Olympics athletic team in the field. I requested tojoin in a race since I wanted to exercise. I was run in a relaxedway, but I beat the previous junior Olympics’ world champion recordwith ten minutes, as I was a hardened athlete. Immediately, I wasselected to represent my country in the next Olympic championship. Ibagged three gold medals and a silver medal too.

Myvictory in sports changed my lifestyle with my mother. We used myearnings and contributions from well-wishers relocate to anotherplace. For nine years, I never met my childhood friends until fivemonths ago. I occasionally visit the less fortunate to offerassistance. I was surprised when I found Loise, John’s mother inone of the homes for the sick and destitute people. When our eyesmet, she started weeping. She started by apologizing that sheinsulted and associated my mother and I with bad things falsely. Idiscovered that his husband’s friend killed him after he caught himand his wife in bed. Loise was a homemaker, and her husband hadpurchased the house, the cars, and other property using loans. Thedebtors auctioned all their property. John became a drug addict and anotorious gangster. Loise tried to look for a job, but since she hadno academic qualifications.

Thepicture of Loise living in extreme poverty triggered bitter wounds inmy soul. I specifically remember the day she publicly declared I wasa bad child, so I was misleading his son. In fact, that was the lastday I played with John. The statement made me suffer from severedepression that still haunts me several years later. I did not knowwhether to sympathize, empathize or be happy considering that Loiseignorantly abused my mother in front of her boss instead of inquiringJohn about where he learned adult behaviors. The childhood eventtaught me that all that goes round comes around. I should respecteveryone in the community because the person you disrespect couldhave a solution in the future. I swore that I should never disrespector dishonor children because they come from a poor background. Today,I feel motivated to help as many children as possible with the fewresources I have. I also feel that I should own up my personalfailures instead of blame shifting to the defenseless members of thesociety and John’s mother did.