What I Learned on Research Writing this Semester


I can confidently say that this semester has been a successful one.Not only have I learned how to write excellent research papers butalso how to come up with a good thesis statement. The objective ofthis course was to equip us with skills and knowledge on researchwriting and becoming better writers. I have learned what to avoidwhen writing a good research paper, the terms to use and how to makethe paper easier to write. Being a student one of the task one has todo before completing school is to write a research paper. So whatdoes it take to write an excellent research paper? This study paperwill discuss what I have learned about research writing thissemester, explore on the challenging aspects of research writing asdiscussed in the course. Additionally, the paper will focus on thesources used and the manner they were utilized. Moreover, the sourcesthat are more significant and their validity to the research paper.Lastly, I will explain what I would do differently to complete myfuture research paper.

My research topic was Should Employees Be Allowed to Use PersonalDevices at the Work Place. I presented my ideas on this topic inresponse to the information gathered in library sources. As Igathered information on the topic, my knowledge on the topicincreased allowing me to make informed decisions and betterinterpretation. Every stage of my research had a complete idea ofwhat I was writing about and what I was looking for from the sources.The literature review on this topic was easy to write as manyresearchers had previously carried out research on this topic. Theprocess of writing my course research involved a three-step process:prewriting, writing and proofreading. I had two options for myresearch methodology that is qualitative or quantitative. I opted forqualitative methodology since it was more convenient for me to recordthe employees’ views on the issues of bringing to work theirpersonal gadget thus giving them a voice.

The most challenging aspect of my work was writing analysis. To behonest I still believe it’s the notion that it is hard as mostclaim but the really thing was easier when I learned how to do it.Analyzing data involves examining gathered data to come up with asuitable conclusion.

Getting good sources for my work was easier I took into considerationall that I learned in my course on identifying a good source. A goodsource must have an author, be unbiased, should be peer-reviewed andthe author credentials qualify him to write such an article. Ivisited educational sites searching for information.

Most of my sources written by unbiased authors who did not advocatefor the companies they were talking about. They were independentwriters who had investigated the issues and written their findingswithout pushing for agendas. Most sources admitted that companiesthat allow employees to bring their electronic computers to work hadhigher productivity than those that prohibited it. Variance ofopinion in some sources also helped me in writing the critics pointof view which made this sources very useful to my work.

In my next research, I believe things will be different since nowknow the process of research am supposed to follow, how to come upwith a good thesis statement, and how to get my sources. To sum up,the course was very helpful and in the future when I get a job and myemployer ask me to do the research I believe I will be in a positionto do it.