Why women played significant roles in the continental army.

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Whywomen played significant roles in the continental army.

Ithas been the general perception that the revolutionary war was foughtby men, but studies have revealed that there were some women who madea significant contribution. Supporters of the view that the war wasfought by men focuses only on activities that involved the use ofweapons, while forgetting that the fighting men had other needs suchas food, clothing, medical attention, and spying (James-YorktownFoundation 4 and Tran 2). This implies that the Continental Army wasnot just a community of men, but there were numbers of women whofollowed the continental troops to perform tasks that couldcontribute to the welfare of the soldiers.

Thecourse paper should aim at demonstrating that women played importantroles that contributed towards the success of the Continental Army.This will be accomplished by providing discussion on different rolesthat women played and the names of women who took part in thoseroles. These roles will form subtopics, which will appear as followswomen as nurses in the Continental Army, the role of women as cooks,seamstresses, and maids during the Revolutionary War, Women asSoldiers of the Continental Army, the Spying role of women in theContinental Army. The course paper will then conclude by stating thatwomen played active roles in the fight and provided supplementalroles during the Revolutionary War.

Crediblesources (such as Schlicting 1-35 and Beatrice 1) that focus on therole of women in the Revolution War in America will be used tocomplete the course paper. The authors of these sources focus on thekey roles in parts, but the course paper will discuss the functionsof the women in a comprehensive way.


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