Wild Planet Assignment


  1. Sources used by Wild Planet in the development of new toys

  • Its designers and marketing team

  • Minds of children it conduct ethnographic research on approximately 5000 children on annual basis. This process entails watching children in their natural environments. It also give 30 dollars to children before trailing at them in order to see how they spend the money


Advantages of ethnographic research over focus group

  • Product development team get the chance to record the behavior of the consumers hence, the get valuable footage to show to senior management. This, in turn, creates a platform for the justification of investments in product and packaging improvements.

  • It gives a company the chance to observe consumers as the use a product or service in its normal context thus, yielding much more data and often unexpected behavior.

  • Consumers often remember much about products when questioned in the normal context

Advantages of focus group over ethnographic

  • Less time consuming and cheaper

  • It incorporates the authority role of a moderator hence, all people in the group participants and interact with one another without any person trying to take control of the discussion

  • Client personnel are incorporated in the research process. They play a key role in providing their thinking to the moderator hence, hence, the moderator handle the direction of the discussion in a better way as well as improve the quality of the output

  • Participants get the chance to fully engage even during non-discussion time since they are under observation by the moderator.

  1. Possible marketing techniques for the development of next generation of game

I would carry out focus groups studies with potential customers inorder to understand their attitudes and feelings towards the boardgame. Again, I would visits and reviews both current and potentialcompetitors of various board games with an aim of understanding theirproduct and customer service practices.


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