Woman in Traditional Male Job


Womanin Traditional Male Job

Womanin Traditional Male Job

Iinterviewed Rachael over the phone to inquire about her job. Rachaelis a truck driver and this is a field that is mostly dominated bymen. She has definitely experienced the effects of gendersocialization over the years in her career and what made herdifferent enough to succeed was the passion that she has always hadfor truck driving.

Rachaelsays that what she likes most about her job is that it has given herultimate satisfaction in that she has proven what men can do womencan also do. However, she dislikes the fact that people always makeher feel out of place because they always refer to her as a malebecause of the dressing mode while she is at work and insisting that heavy trucks should actually be a masculine job and not a feminineone. Rachael thinks that there are few women in the professionbecause women do not want to feel intimidated by the men in any wayand they think that driving a truck is such a hard task. Rachaelchose to get into this job because since childhood, she would drivethe trucks in their farm with her father. So she gradually developeda passion for driving trucks. As a woman, she says that it was notdifficult going into the field because she already had enoughexperience. Rachael says that her family was quite supportive of herchoice because she already had the knowhow and the experience thatwas required to commence work soon. Rachael said that being a truckdriver was not what she wanted to be when she was a child, but as shegrew up and started going to the farm with her father, she realizedthat truck driving was easy and fun and that is when she realizedthat she wanted to be a truck driver and make it her career. She saysthat her schooling did not in any way prepare her for this kind ofjob, but her family did because when her father saw how much sheenjoyed driving trucks, he always took her to the farm with him andgave her an opportunity to drive their truck. Rachael says that whenshe was young, girls were actually encouraged to pursuenon-traditional interests. Even if the instructors at school duringher time did not encourage the girls to venture into truck driving,they encouraged the girls to work hard and become electricians,physicians or lawyers among many professions that are dominated bythe men.

Rachaelis in her late twenties and has been in the profession for the lastsix years now. She grew up in Wichita and her father was a farmer whohad huge tracts of land. She has one elder brother whom she grew upwith, and having a very close age gap made them spend a lot of timetogether helping their father out in the farm. Rachael went to theUniversity of Wichita and graduated with a degree in businessstudies, however her passion lay in driving trucks and that was theprofession that she chose to pursue.

Thetheory at the root of Rachael’s beliefs is the liberal feminismwhich does focus on the ability of women to show as well as maintaintheir equality through their actions and choices, and also to provewrong the false belief that has been held for a long time by thesociety that by nature women are less intellectually and physicallycapable than men (Unger, 2004).


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