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September24, 2014




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Itis my pressure that you accepted our offer to work as Summer Interns. Company is a non-profit organisation based in UnitedStates. Here, we are determined to offer freelance writing servicesto our esteemed clients. Your position in the company is summerintern, and your main responsibilities are to develop collection ofsample materials, as well as promote our business to the potentialclients. In order to achieve these goals, you are expected to followall the steps of process writing in each assignment.

Tohave qualified for this position, it means that you have satisfiedour rigorous qualifications. Therefore, your language skills areproficient and you have high abilities to use different literaturesources to complete any assigned task. You will be required toproduce projects that are well cited in APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard,or Turabian format as per client specifications. In addition, youwill be required to complete your assigned task within the allocatedtime frame. Any kind of lateness is not acceptable hence, your mustbe quick as possible. In several cases, our client will request forurgent projects. As a promoter of our business, you are not requiredto disclose any critical information about the company. Further, youshould maintain your identity anonymous to the clients that is, youshould not give out your personal email address or phone number.

Thankyou for being our valued summer intern. I look forward to work withyou.