Writing group dynamics Unit

Collaborative Writing

Writinggroup dynamics


Collaborativewriting requires several keys skills if the process is to besuccessful. Kolin (2014) calls for a combination of interpersonal andprofessional writing skills. In the case of writing a brochure asgroup for an external audience, several things must be considered.First and foremost is to learn the terminology used by the targetaudience and use that terminology in writing to ensure the audienceunderstands the message. Second is to be prepared to accept opposingideas and resolve conflict. However, writing as an individual is verydifferent. I would not need to consult deeply or employ conflictresolutions skills but rather research more to understand theaudience. Through my own research, the brochure would reflect my ownunderstanding of the message and the terminology of the audience.

Inspite of that, I believe I have a lot to offer to the group. I amcharismatic, sober and humorous which can work very well in resolvingconflicts and ensuring a lively working environment. I am also veryattentive to details which means I will be very useful in offeringassistance and constructive criticism to develop ideas.

Workingin a diverse group would offer a wider variety of ideas to enrich thebrochure. These ideas pertain to exercising interpersonal skills andlearning how to relate with people professional. Apart from that, Ican lean from fellow group members. Their ideas influence by theirpersonal experiences and background can broaden my knowledge base inwriting ad other ways. I also get the chance to critically reviewideas by members and also have my ideas criticized constructively.Kolin concurs that collaborative writing ensures there isconstructive criticism among members where shared ideas andsuggestions are assessed by merits alone. Furthermore, any weaknessesthe project might have are likely to be noted and rectified beforemaking the final project submission. This is also observed in theSkeen and Stein where they say it is possible that one’s ideas canstray but a team member can assist in refocusing one’s ideas.


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