Thetype of organizational structure at YMCA can be described as ageographic organizational structure. YMCA covers a greatergeographical area and each region is assigned a general manager whocoordinates the activities of the larger organization. This allowsthe CEO to implement the company’s vision in each geographicalregion.

Theorganization is founded on an inclusive principle that ensures thatthe organization serves people regardless of their gender, culture,ethnicity, social class, education level among other factors. The CEOShaun Elliot is responsible for ensuring the organization achievesthis goal. To achieve this, Elliot must design an organizationalculture that aligns to the organizations goals. As the CEO, he has tocommunicate effectively to the managers and directors below him andensure that they share the organization’s vision and mission.Ultimately, Elliot has been able to boost the organization’sprofits significantly a deficit of $230,000 in 2001 to a profit of $1million by 2005.