Your Official Names,


YourOfficial Names,

(Insertyour address),&nbspP.O.Box…….,….. (Insert&nbspyourcity).

ToThe Admissions Board,

(Insertthe name of the University), (Insertaddress),&nbspP.O. Box…….,…..(Insert&nbspthecity), Country.

Re:Letter of Intent in Doctorate degree in BusinessAdministration

Myname is…… (insert your name)……….,aged…(insert your age)….,from….. (Insert yourcountry/location). I am an ambitiousmanager with a passion for excellence in business management andadministration. I hereby express my sincere intentions to join theUniversity of………… (insert thename of the university you applied for)to pursue a Doctorate degree in Business Administration (DBA).I am currently working at…. (Insertthe name of the company)as a……. (Insert your job position).This job has given me a reason to consider my career progression intomanagement that requires my commitment to attain higher positions inthe corporate world.

Afterkeenly evaluating my abilities in management and the educationalrequirements for higher management, I realized a gap between mycurrent abilities and future corporate positions. It is with thisrealization that I am highly motivated to advance my educationalqualifications to the DBA level. Professionally, I have establishedmyself well with diverse knowledge in the management field. I have asubstantial experience in the field after working at some reputableorganizations. However, my desire for deeper understanding of themanagement is so deep that I have gathered the right attitude toexplore the field in your university.

Afterthe completion of the DBA, I will use the advanced management skillslearnt in the course to enhance my strategic planning skills. Ienvision working for a multinational company with a global businessenterprise where I will use advanced strategic planning skills toincrease business operations for such firms. In addition, I willimprove on my human relations skills at work and improve myleadership practices. Currently, I have good leadership skills but Iwould like to increase my influence on the employees that I manage.My ultimate plan is to establish my own management consultancy afterten years of service to large global companies. This will give me anopportunity to engage with international clientele and use my skills,experience and knowledge to help their businesses grow.

Ihave already notified my current employer of my plans and the managerhas assured me of time to learn the course, which I am committed touse well. With my current job, I will be able to comfortably financethe course from the beginning to the end. It is with my humblerequest that you will accept my request and admit me for the courseat your university.



…… (Yourname)……….